Who We Are:

The Legends Foundation is a 501c3 non profit organization, establish in 2008. Our focus is to educate children of their responsibility to make good choices for themselves and their communities.

Legends 4:20™… Making a difference is the goal. County and state statistics indicate the daily choices we make determine our futures. Our society addresses the end results of poor choices through issues and we attempt to fix from the top down, putting short sighted measures and more money put into the system is a temporary fix, but not a solution. Unemployment, food stamps, child support and health care coverage statistics continue to increase, only to add to our deficit.

At 4:20p each day, teen pregnancy increases, gangs unite, computer pedophiles are on the prowl, children tend to become lethargic, but need to exercise, unsupervised because both parents work or they only have a single parent, drugs use issues and alcohol consumption becomes a temptation. At this critical time of day, good choices and being aware of choices made, affects students and their communities for a lifetime. 24 million fatherless children in the US, drug infested homes, babies having babies, gang increase with weapons and violence migrate to our neighborhoods. Can you believe, accordingly to the NFL, the current generation is projected to be the first not to live longer than its parents! Our children are our greatest resources. These daily choices can be a direct link to gangs, obesity, teen pregnancies, robberies, pedophiles, burglaries, illegal weapons, pornography, sexual offenses, bullying, drugs and alcohol use by our youth, often times leading to incarceration.

The Legends assist in many area that may be of interest…

  • Host sports camps for kids
  • Present sports camps for kids with developmental disabilities
  • Speak at prisons and offer hope, jobs and inspiration while making good daily choices
  • Offer a free Legends 4:20™ app… push message notes of motivation and making good choices. An audio version to come. Stay tuned.

For comments or inquiries regarding the Faith and Sports Radio Broadcast or the weekly charity email Marc Cook. For comments regarding the Legends Foundation contact Joseph Hoffman or call 330.322.8495.

Interested in sponsoring any Legends events, contact Dee at 330.787.5057